Our search begins with our investment team. They handpick each Arrived rental property and remain consistently involved throughout the entire life cycle of the home. The selection of homes is largely based on the markets they’re located in. Arrived markets are chosen based on a series of metrics- potential for population growth, job opportunities, uprising single-family home trends- to name a few. Our investment team opts for single-family homes of a recent build and in newer developments. Specifically around acquisition we follow the below 6 step process to ensure that we are selecting properties that will maximize our investor returns over the long term:

1) Identify the most lucrative markets

2) Narrow down the top neighborhoods

3) Define the ideal home purchasing criteria

4) Source deals to find the right rental properties

5) Understand the property value & make the right offer

6) Invest in renovation strategically

For more details and an expansion of the above, click the link to read our Learn article.

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