We’ve designed Arrived offerings for investors who want to invest in real estate for several years so as to maximize return potential. Our anticipated hold period for each property will be 5-7 years. That being said, we understand that plans change and some investors may need to liquidate their investments after a shorter period of time.

After an initial 6 month hold period, and subject to the compliance and transfer restrictions described in our Offering Circular (here). Investors can indicate interest to sell their shares to other members of the Arrived investor community or outside buyers, supported by our registered Transfer Agent, Colonial Stock.

Members interested in selling their shares should submit their interest here: support@arrivedhomes.com. Sale submissions will be published either by email or online to investors who have previously indicated interest in buying secondary shares. If a buyer and seller agree to the transaction, Arrived will provide information to the parties on how to finalize.

Arrived Holdings, Inc. and its affiliates intend, but are not required, to make a secondary market for the shares. The initial sale price of the shares does not represent a minimum or maximum price at which future buyers may be willing to purchase your shares in any secondary market at any time. Arrived shares will not be listed or displayed on any securities exchange. There can be no assurance that a secondary market for the shares will develop. Additionally, any secondary market that does develop may be subject to transaction fees. Any such fees will be disclosed and charged concurrently with the completion of the transaction.

If you are an investor interested in buying secondary shares, email us at support@arrivedhomes.com to be added to our interest list.

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