We’ve designed the product for investors that plan to hold their Arrived property shares for several years so as to maximize return potential. That being said, we understand that plans change and some investors may need to liquidate their investments after a shorter period of time. That's why we offer the ability to liquidate your investments.

After an initial 6 month hold period, investors may exit by selling their interests to other investors, subject to liquidity and compliance with the transfer restrictions described in our Operating Agreement or Offering Circular. Investors may contact Arrived support to indicate their desire to exit an interest, including their desired exit price. Transfer fees may apply and would be disclosed before finalizing any potential exit request.

Arrived Support will seek to match exit interest to potential buyers. Arrived may not successfully match an exit request, and you may have to hold your investment for an indefinite period. Our anticipated hold period for each property will be 5 - 7 years.

If you are an investor interested in buying secondary shares, email us at support@arrivedhomes.com to be notified when shares of existing properties are made available.

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