Arrived makes investing in rental properties a simple process through our application.

First, Signup and fill out your account details.

  • Browse Homes - You can browse the available homes that have been pre-vetted by our investment team based on their investment potential and ability to deliver returns through rental income and capital appreciation.

  • Reserve Shares - You then determine what amount you wish to invest in each property and reserve shares in those properties.

  • Sign & Invest - You then fund your purchase by connecting your bank account and signing the proper documentation that grants you ownership of those shares.

  • Earn Income - Once your ownership in the home is complete, you will start earning income from future rental payments and you can track your total investment balance on the summary page.

Arrived will take care of all the operational logistics of managing the homes: including working with tenants, managing any maintenance needs, and keeping track of accounting, insurance, and annual tax returns.

You can learn more about Arrived and How It Works in our deep dive here

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